Thanks for coming to find out more about speaking at the Task Management and Time Blocking Virtual Summit 2022. At this point, you should have garnered the basics about the event from the summitteer’s perspective by reading What It Is, How It Works, and How It Applies to You. You should also understand essential concepts like the All Access Pass. But you may be wondering what you can gain as a speaker/presenter.

Your Opportunity

The virtual summit takes place on March 3-5, 2022. Anyone in the world can access the event from the Internet on their laptop, tablet or phone. Registration is free, and anyone can attend all sessions up until 12pm Eastern on Sunday March 5th, when the doors finally close. The prior two summits had 600-900 people register.

As one of over 50 speakers, presenters or panellists, you’ll be a member of the team co-producing a transformation for each “summitteer”. Our goal is ambitious: we want  them to experience a change in the way they relate to their tasks, calendar and time. That requires us to provide more than information…and offer a unique, interactive experience. Along with great speakers, we are giving them live and text interactions with other attendees, interactive games, demos and quizzes, resource libraries and real-time Q&A’s with panels of presenters.

Our speakers aren’t paid, but we want them to benefit greatly from their participation. In this regard you should complete an application only after asking “Why should I apply to speak? How can I make the most of my investment in time and effort in this summit?”

To answer these questions, keep reading.

Your Contribution

As a speaker and co-creator of this event, you’ll be asked to fulfil a few core requirements:

  • To pre-record and submit a webinar-style video of 25-35 minutes in length.
  • To share the event with your social media audience and provide us with a bio and head-shot to promote your involvement.

Beyond these requirements, there are a number of other options you may choose to exercise such as:

  • Live attendance at the event
  • Joining a live Q&A or panel
  • Promoting the event to your email lists to boost your summit listenership
  • Earning affiliate revenue via All Access Pass sales
  • Offering a special discount on one of your products/services
  • Offering freebies/a quiz in exchange for contact information to build your email list
  • Continuing your engagement with the audience after the conference is over (we have an online community to make this easy)
  • Building connections to other presenters and sponsors (this can be huge)
  • Offering more than one pre-recorded video

If you use these optional items skilfully, you should be able to hit some of your commercial objectives. You may also enjoy the challenge of sharing your ideas with a savvy audience as our summitteers tend to be quite experienced. It’s safe to assume they have already read lots of articles on task management and time blocking and are searching for advanced ideas, not advice directed towards novices or beginners.

In fact, we assume they are are searching for a transformational experience: one which forever alters the way they relate to their calendar and their time. This is an improvement activity in which they are already engaged, but they are looking for a huge boost!

Don’t miss this special opportunity. Develop a topic with our help by checking out the list of recommended topics.

Then, click here to complete your application form.

Or if the timing isn’t right and you’d like to be considered for future events of this nature, contact me to let me know and I’ll you to the list of speakers for the next summit.


P.S. Not ready to speak at the summit? If you would still like to promote the event to your audience and earn some affiliate income, let me know here –

FAQ’s – Coming Soon

Many of our presenters have chosen to share free downloadable information with you. These are all stored in the Swag Bag available here with a free login to the Mighty-Taskers Community –

Some have also decided to offer items for sale, often with a discount attached. You can find the Summit Store here –

There is a map of the entire event here. The conference is organized into three venues, each of which can be reached with a click from the above page. There are locations to view pre-recorded/downloads, hear live discussions and have informal discussions with other participants. Furthermore, we have an Interactive Quiz/Game room and Library, plus a Summit Store and Swag Bag (with presenter freebies.)

Here’s a different map of all the summit locations in detail.


It’s almost impossible to attend every session and view all the downloads. You must decide which elements to choose from to prevent overwhelm. To help, we have provided a Workbook to help you decide what’s most important for you to meet your needs. You’ll get some help in picking sessions from the schedule and downloads from the list to best meet your needs. (See your email regarding the link to the Workbook.) We also realize that people are busy and may need to choose between equally valuable opportunities. In a big conference, that’s a reality. An All Access Pass may help by giving you total access to all the content for a year.

The conference offers a rich opportunity to meet other professionals. Many will be listed in the online Mighty-Taskers community so you can link with them individually by following them. Others will appear at different times in live events and networking sessions. Make sure your profile is up to date on Remo by logging in here and refreshing your profile. When you’re in Remo, you can connect with them in real-time by clicking on their profile.

You can use the links on this page to get the general help you need. Use the blue popup chat window at the lower right. (It appears after three minutes.) Or send email to [email protected]

Questions about the live Airmeets platform (which we use for our live events) can be directed to Airmeets Help Desk while you are logged in – see the purple question sign at the bottom right.

Most smartphones and PC’s can be used to access all the sessions. With a good Wifi connection and a camera and microphone, you should be able to access all three venues shown here For the Remo Conferencing platform for the Live Q

The All Access Pass can be purchased to give you a full year of access to all conference materials. It offers a premium experience – no rushing around trying to fit everything into a busy schedule. You can find more information here.

No, the videos can only be streamed, not captured or downloaded to a different device permanently.

The pre-recorded videos are available for at least 36 hours. In other words, Thursday’s videos expire on Friday at mid-day, Friday’s videos expire on Saturday at mid-day and Saturday’s videos expire on Sunday at mid-day.

Use this link to access the conference. Then, when you have a moment, check your Spam or Promotional folders/tabs, especially if you are a Gmail user. Whitelist our email address.

You can visit the page and use the Register Button at the top of the page. It will open up a new page with some details. Click on the buttons on that page. Alternately, if you are having trouble with the main page, use this link instead: When you register, you’ll be taken to an information page and receive email immediately with further instructions. If you are a Gmail user, check your Promotions and Spam folder if you don’t receive the message.