The Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual summit is a three-day online conference conducted from Thursday to Saturday, March 2-4, 2023. This will be the third annual event.

As you may know, all functioning adults must craft methods for managing future tasks. As your life grows and becomes more complex, so does the challenge. But how are you supposed to develop new techniques to keep up? 

Like everyone else, you use a blend of paper To Do Lists, Task Management apps, calendars and auto-schedulers. You try your best not to use memory. But that’s just the start. 

In the Task Management & Time Blocking summit, we’ll be looking at all the latest happenings in the apps, devices, habits and practices you can use to manage your tasks. We want to give you a boost – a way to make some smart choices about your growth and development in this area. Key to that is finding the most recent ideas from the best speakers, and the best technologies from the finest developers.

Plus we want to place you in an amazing environment, surrounded by people who are productivity enthusiasts just like you. Some are veterans, while others are just starting their journey – we have content which caters to summitteers at all levels.

All this for free registration. How can we do that? With the generosity of our sponsors and participants who purchase an All Access Pass, it’s possible to bring together this unique blend of talent – supported by lots of volunteers!

Where Does the Summit Take Place?

This virtual conference takes place on three separate venues simultaneously:

  • WordPress pages for viewing pre-recorded videos
  • the interactive Airmeet platform for live presentations
  • the Mighty-Taskers Community for chatting and networking online with other persons attending the conference. This continues afterwards for the entire year, until the next summit! 

As you may see from the testimonials on the home page, this is once again shaping up to be a unique event! It promises to be the largest single gathering of experts and participants in task management and time blocking in the world.

But the idea is not to be big… but to provide you with multiple avenues to learn and interact so that you can accomplish your goals. And if for some reason you can’t can’t make it to the event, or need to miss a day or two, don’t worry! We make things easy with an All Access Pass: a compilation of the program’s content. (This package will be discounted before and during the event.)

Would you like to get a visual picture of the flow of activities and interactions which you can enjoy from the moment you register? Click on the How it Works button below!

The event is hosted by Francis Wade of and a team of volunteers, all of whom are committed to helping you become a better manager of all the tasks you assign yourself.