The summit is a three-day online conference conducted from Thursday to Saturday, March 5-7, 2020. Each day, fresh content is shared between 8am and 5pm Eastern.

The event is hosted by Francis Wade and a team of speakers, innovators and business-owners, all of whom are committed to helping you become a better time blocker.

But what is this technique all about? For the purposes of this summit, time blocking is defined as the method of task management that involves the placement of tasks on your calendar. As you switch to using your calendar in this way, your goal is often to make fewer errors and thereby boost your productivity. However, most find the transition to be challenging…one of those things in life that is much harder than it sounds. Why? As you try to time block more tasks, the difficulty rises dramatically.

As such, the intent of the summit is to place useful, new practices, tools and ways of thinking at your disposal so that you can improve, regardless of your current level of time blocking skill. We want you to be able to bypass the obstacles to managing lots of tasks, starting with your techniques for time blocking.

To accomplish this goal, the summit offers free and premium participation. As a free participant, you have access to all the information while the summit is live. To gain access to all the content after the doors close on Saturday morning, you must become a premium participant. Purchase an All Access Pass and you’ll have 24-7, lifetime permission to view summit content along with all the bonuses.

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