Thanks for Considering Becoming a Guest at the Task Management & Time Blocking Podcast!


This is Francis Wade and thanks for responding to my invitation to be a guest on the Task Management & Time Blocking Podcast.

If we have already spoken, you may already know some of this information, but in case I didn’t cover everything here are some details in writing that may help you gain the most from of this experience.

Why the podcast? To provide practical solutions to specific task management problems. More specifically, we tackle one specific problem per episode.

How is this different? In our conversation, we are looking to have a deeper than average discussion. Our ultimate goal? To uncover some useful aspects of the problem…perhaps even some useful insights that we didn’t start the interview having! (This is our stretch outcome.) This means that we should end up far beyond the land of cliches, popular memes and conventional wisdom! Sometimes we get there in a single episode, sometimes we don’t. But we’ll try.

The first part of each show is devoted to defining the problem while we spend the second part searching for solutions.

Logistics: Each show takes about an hour to record, to arrive at a 45 minute final product. We’ll need about 90 minutes in total time from your calendar to set things up, record and wrap things up at the end. Book 30 minutes on my calendar here for our pre-call to plan our discussion –

Sample Topics: To start with, here is a list of points I’d like to cover during the first two or three seasons of the podcast. Each of them is laid out in a series of 16 summary posts I did on Medium. However, if you have an idea for a new or additional topic, please suggest it!

Preparation: This podcast will probably take some preparation. (This makes it unlike other podcasts where guests simply show up.) During the pre-call, we’ll go over the problem we plan to tackle and some of the resources we may use.

Target Audience: Our ideal listener is a productivity enthusiast who already knows a thing or two because they are beyond the novice stage. They have probably seen the problem before but have never heard it discussed at this level of depth.

Your Commercial Objectives: Let’s get them clearly defined in our pre-call. You may want to promote a book, or build your list, or just create some brand awareness. We’ll discuss any specific measurable results you are aiming towards and how this experience can help accomplish them.

Fun: Having a great time by taking on a challenge that puts us in the flow state. You may recognize what it’s like to set aside everyday concerns for few hours, so we can just make dig into a problem. The fact that we’re brainstorming in front of a virtual audience…well…let’s call that “fun”!

Promotion: I’ll provide you with swipe files and graphics. We’ll promote the episode to past/future attendees of the Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube (if video-taped), Facebook and Instagram.

When? The podcast was launched in January of 2022.

Your Next Step: If you’re interested, first, complete this application form. Then, send me a meeting link from my calendar to set up our pre-call.