You saw a list of the content the summit had to offer and wanted to benefit from ALL of it…as much as possible. However, you’re not one of the lucky few who could binge-watch the entire event without disruption or distraction. Why?

You’re a real person subject to life’s limitations: workday emergencies, a client/boss, a family and a host of errands. Plus surprises which come up in the average week or weekend. They all added up and prevent you from seeing all the summit offerings while they were free. It’s tough to see this unique growth opportunity slip through your fingers, but what can you do?

Maybe this might help.

The All Access Pass here at the Task Management & Time Blocking Summit is a convenient way to catch up on what you missed. It’s a complete package of videos and other materials from the summit, rolled into a single set of downloads. With your purchase, you can start watching all the pre-recorded videos and live recordings, just as soon as we upload them a few days after the curtain closes.

After that, for an entire year, you can take your time to watch, rewind and fast-forward your way through the event, learning at a comfortable pace. This means that you can enjoy it all without being stressed.

If any of this sound intriguing, click here for more information, or on the button below.