Who Is Behind The Task Management & Time Blocking Summit?


My name is Francis Wade and I am the founder of Framework Consulting, the company behind this summit. We also operate 2Time Labs and ScheduleU for the purposes of doing time-based productivity research and offering specific training.

My work in this area is focused on tackling the challenge of Mega-Tasking – the tendency of some to create and therefore manage lots of tasks. These are no ordinary individuals. They are ambitious, driven people who willingly run several simultaneous “projects” at the same time in all areas of their lives.

While they are doing more than their fair share on the job, they may also be running a marathon, taking an extra credit class from the university and making sure that their oldest kid gets through a tricky AP math class at school. In other words, they say “Yes” to lots of things that come their way, but they are neither pushovers nor reckless derring-dos.

On the contrary, they attract these commitments because they say “Yes” to life.

But they also must tell people “No” all the time, especially as they get more experienced and savvy – able to manage the challenge of being a Mega-Tasker. Consequently, most migrate to time blocking out of necessity. Given their commitments, they have precious little free time,  and must be ever-mindful. The choices they make each day between one task/project or another have consequences.

I became a time blocker during my days at Cornell University. Looking to accelerate my program in Operations Research, I ran afoul of the engineering school’s rules. As the dean explained ruefully, “No, you can’t squeeze both Bachelors and Masters degrees into four years, even though you will have enough credits for both.”

As far as I was concerned, if my schedule could achieve it (even with a part-time job) then it should be possible. I ended up spending an extra semester to satisfy the status quo, but like many Mega-Taskers, I slipped back into average task volumes when I went into full-time employment at AT&T Bell Labs. However, when I started my own company five years later I picked up the challenge once again.

But my story isn’t special – It’s just what Mega-Taskers do.

If you are considering attending the Task Management and Time Blocking Virtual Summit, then you could be an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home parent, a graduate student, a triathlete, a real-estate salesperson or an executive. These are a few of the jobs which Mega- Taskers take – often in multiples. Their friends wonder they can’t sit still. “Why does everything have to be extreme?” they ask with exasperation.

You may not be a clear Mega-Tasker, but if you have read this far, I bet you have some traits, which means that you are in the right place. The Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit is a unique gathering of people do time blocking, but not because it’s a fun pastime.

Instead, it’s a necessary technique for those who stretch their calendars to the limit and can’t rely only on task lists.

In other words, it offers a path which shortcuts the journey to their dreams.

I hope you find this to be true!

Terms and Conditions

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About the Summit

The Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual summit is a three-day online conference conducted from Thursday to Saturday, March 2-4, 2023. Each day, fresh content is shared between 8am and 7pm EST (GMT -5).

The event is hosted by Francis Wade and a team of volunteers, all of whom are committed to helping you become a better manager of all the tasks you assign yourself each day.

The summit takes place on an interactive community platform. You are granted temporary membership which can be used to explore this online network of Mighty-Taskers.

What can you get from the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit?

If you are someone who is reading this page, chances are high that you are a driven individual. In other words, your ambitions cause you to create lots of projects, which in turn lead to lots of tasks. Perhaps you create more tasks than your average friend, family member or colleague, even if you can’t quite explain why.