What can you get from the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit?

If you are someone who is reading this page, the chances are high that you are a driven individual. In other words, your ambitions cause you to create lots projects, which in turn lead to lots of tasks. Perhaps you create more tasks than your average friend, family member or colleague, even if you can’t quite explain why.

You just know that you are a bit different. But that creates unique challenges the other folks in your life others can’t quite understand.

Perhaps as you look to the future, you realize that you are facing a future of increasing demands on your time. Certainly, COVID-19 has been no holiday for people like you, who we call Mega-Taskers. As such, it’s a good strategy to be prepared for the place where your ambitious commitments are likely to take you.

Here at the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit, we have distilled the challenge you face into the following principles:

  • Your setup of habits, practices, routines, apps and devices is probably uniquely yours, even if you follow a prescription taught by a guru like David Allen.
  • Therefore, you cannot apply any one-size-fits-all prescriptions.
  • The best place to start is not with a survey of all the options available.
  • Instead, you need to develop the capacity to evaluate your current, individual setup effectively.

This evaluation is the first step in the ETaPS process:

So, how do you get as much as possible from the summit?

The answer lies in coming up with a personal plan of change that allows you to make the improvements you need in the future. In this context, the new stuff you’ll find in the summit will help you customize your plan, so that you leave the event with a new level of understanding, and the steps needed to improve your current setup one small step at a time.

Whether you are a brand new or veteran time blocker, you will leave the event with more than an experience: you will actually have a plan of action.

Your process for developing this plan starts with your Pre-Summit Workbook/Blueprint, which serves as your guide to the event and also your place to capture your plan.

Bottom Line: This event is meant to be transformational – a life-changing opportunity. If you haven’t registered, do so today for free.