Whether you are a brand new or veteran time blocker, you will leave the event with more than an experience: you will actually have a plan of action.

Your process for developing this plan starts with your Pre-Summit Workbook/Blueprint, which serves as your guide to the event and also your place to capture your plan.

Once the event begins with the opening session, we recommend you immediately take two Core Sessions. At the end of this sequences, you’ll be able to create a custom path for your learning during the summit.

There will be over 25 Elective Sessions to choose from, divided into three days. Each one is led by a key expert. Because they are pre-recorded, you can watch them at any point in a given day – they are available for at least 24 hours.

Follow our advice in the workbook to create an agenda that takes you from start to finish. Not only do you want to see the particular sessions which apply to your needs, but you’ll also:

  • chat with other summiteers
  • attend live Q&A’s, AMA’s and Office Hours with speakers
  • engage in do-it-yourself interactive learning the in the Game Room
  • close out each day with a live discussion alongside other attendees

The fact that your fellow summiteers are just as committed as you are means that you can accomplish far more than in any other setting.

In other words, the summit is designed to super-charge your productivity in the areas you need it the most. The challenges that stop other people will seem small by the time the event is over and you’ll have a one to two year plan of action to improve your performance using the best new technologies.

For example, this is the only place you can learn about auto-schedulers for free. These AI-infused super-tools are changing the face of time blocking and by the time you leave, you’ll know if and when you need to make this particular upgrade. (And if you are already using an auto-scheduler, you’ll be able to improve your skills.)

Bottom Line: This event is meant to be transformational – a life-changing opportunity. If you haven’t registered, do so today for free.