From the moment you register, there is something you you can choose to do! Here is a possible timeline of events which are designed to deliver the unique result we promise: A delightful, peak learning experience in task productivity, far above anything you may have imagined!

Action StepDescription
RegistrationSign up for the summit here at You receive an immediate invitation to join the Mighty-Taskers Community, and also an opportunity to purchase an All Access Pass at whatever discount applies at the time.
Pre-Event(s)We’ll be having at least one pre-event before the summit. This will help you practice using the Remo live platform, meet some of the attendees and interact with a few speakers. We’ll explain the role of the Workbook, the HelpDesk and the other aids which help to make your event a smooth one.
Early OpeningFrom prior experience, we know that the three days of the summit tend to be jam-packed with activity. So, before the event starts, we’ll give you access to select summit resources such as the online Game Room, Library of Resources and sponsor freebies.
All Access PassTo help you manage your time and attendance at the live event, we’ll offer you a discounted All Access Pass before the summit starts. This allows you to enjoy on-demand access for at least a year.
Workbook and Email NotificationsBefore the event, you’ll receive reminders and advisories, along with the details of the links to use to reach different conference resources. A few days before, you’ll receive the Workbook which is intended to help you plan your own schedule for the event.
Live Opening and Networking SessionThe first live session of the conference on Thursday morning will feature a welcome and keynote speech. Stick around afterwards for a live networking session on the Remo platform.
Live Sessions: Speeches, Panels and Q&A’sEach day, you’ll be invited to attend live speeches, panels and Q&A’s.
Pre-recorded ContentThere will be a list of 10-20 videos available each day for 36 hours.
Live Closing and NetworkingThe final live session of the conference will be a party, and an opportunity to celebrate and network with other participants.
Post-Summit Community and All Access PassYour learning continues in the Mighty-Taskers Community and, if you bought an All Access Pass, with on-demand access to all content.

As you can see, to make the most of the summit, you’ll have to invest some thought and do some planning. There’s just no way to take everything in, even if you have no other obligations!
We understand that you must make time to do other things and we recommend you time block your schedule so that you have the balance you want between the summit and the rest of your life.
So now that you have an idea of the activities that make up the summit, how can you gain the greatest benefit. Click here or below to determine how the summit applies to you.