The summit takes place on an interactive community platform. For the duration of the event, you are  granted temporary community membership which can be used to explore this online network.

This means that you aren’t participating alone. Like a college campus, you are attended events with classmates with whom you can chat and share ideas between sessions. This fun feature means that you can learn from them and their experience.

During the summit you’ll be attending a number of learning sessions put together by experts in the field. Most of the sessions are pre-recorded, but a few will be live, such as the Q&A’s, Office Hours and AMA’s (Ask Me Anythings.)

Furthermore, will will also be offering hand-on opportunities to expand your knowledge. Our interactive digital game room Lounge – features games, quizzes, assessments, calculators and other tools developed by our speakers and exhibitors. These are hands-on opportunities: active, learn-by-doing, pre-packaged, micro-learning.

Plus, we plan to offer a Library of Resources and an Exhibit Hall so you can discover everything in the world of time blocking you may never have seen.

Finally, at the end of each day, we will have a live plenary session for us all to gather in one spot to have a chat about the day’s activities.

The point is to give you, the participant, abundant opportunities to learn in the most effective and fun ways possible.