From the moment you register, you will start a journey. While the high-point of your experience may be the 3-day summit itself, here is a possible timeline. (There’s more you can do, but these are the highlights.)

Action StepDescription
RegisterSign up for the summit here at Join the free Mighty-Taskers Community, and purchase a discounted All Access Pass (optional). This affords you a full year of summit 2023 viewing, on-demand. No stress!
Get a Video Library CardCheck out a sample video from a prior summit, then buy a 72-hour Video Library Card (optional) to take a visit back in time to summits in 2020, 2021 or 2022.
Pre-Event(s)Depending on when you register, attend a live event beforehand and become familiar with the Airmeet platform. View the replay if you miss it/them altogether.
Workbook and Email NotificationsBefore the event, you’ll receive reminders and advisories, along with the details of the links to use to reach different conference resources. A few days before, you’ll receive the Workbook which is intended to help you plan your personal schedule for the event.
Day One: Pre-RecordingsThe first day is all about viewing on-demand videos. You’ll join others from around the world as they stream content and offer their comments in a shared chat room.
Day Two/Three: Live EventsDuring both days you’ll attend live talks, panels and networking sessions. These take place between 9am and 6pm EST. Also, for 24 hours, new pre-recordings are available.
Post-Summit Community and All Access PassAfter the summit is over, your learning continues in the Mighty-Taskers Community. If you bought an All Access Pass, you can review the summit at your leisure with on-demand access to all content. Furthermore, the Task Management & Time Blocking Podcast starts its new season within weeks of the summit.

As you can see, to make the most of the summit, you’ll have make some choices. You want the maximum impact, but it’s impossible to attend everything.
Make the most of the Workbook and All Access Pass.
So now that you have an idea of the activities that make up the summit, how can you gain the greatest benefit? Click here or below to determine who the summit is for.