What can you get from the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit?

As someone interested in the summit, chances are high that you are a driven individual. In other words, your ambitions cause you to create lots of projects, which in turn lead to the creation of lots of tasks. Perhaps you already know that you try to manage more tasks than your average friend, family member or colleague, even if you can’t quite explain why.

You just know that you are a bit different.

Perhaps as you look to the future, you realize that you are facing a future of increasing demands on your time. Certainly, COVID-19 has been no holiday for people like you, who we call Mega-Taskers. As such, it’s a good strategy to prepare yourself for a time in the future when you need to manage a lot more tasks.

At this point in your career, you probably also know that your memory is a poor tool for task management. Consequently, you try not to use it to juggle your tasks. Instead, you try to employ a paper task list, task management app, calendar or auto-scheduler. Even if you still have a habit of using your memory against your better judgement, you tell yourself, “I know better!”

Here at the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit, we have distilled the challenge you face into the following principles:

  • Your setup of habits, practices, routines, apps and devices is probably unique.
  • Therefore, you cannot apply anyone else’s one-size-fits-all prescriptions and have it work for long.
  • The best place to start is not with a survey of all the options available, but with a deeper understanding of your current setup.
  • With this understanding, you can apply small improvements that have a Pareto result.

This understanding comes from an the first step in the ETaPS process, first developed at 2Time Labs, the birthplace of ScheduleU:

During the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit, we want our attendees to take quantum leaps in assessing their current setup and making relevant changes. While there will be more than 50 experts and app developers sharing their knowledge and programs, it’s best to focus your attention on the few that can make the biggest difference.

Ultimately, we’ll encourage you to leave with a personal plan of change. What kind of changes will participants be making?

Here is a distillation of some of the specific results participants told us they wanted from the 2020 Time Blocking Summit and want in future events.

  • To schedule all the tasks I have to do even when I am overloaded so that it’s easy for me to determine the best task to perform next
  • To manage all my tasks so that not a single one falls through the cracks
  • To maintain my peace of mind even in the presence of competing deadlines so that I can enter the flow state effectively
  • To keep my life balanced under extreme circumstances so that I don’t neglect any aspect of my total life
  • To build my capacity to deliver as an effective professional even when others expect me to falter so that I build my reputation
  • To change my habits especially when they are ingrained so that I can get better results
  • To pick the best apps and devices for my next upgrade even when information about them is changing so that I have a clear plan about my future setup
  • To use defects in my task management to drive improvements (even when they are hard to understand) so that I pick up on future improvements as early as possible
  • To understand how task management work under pressure so that I can make changes without feelings of guilt/procrastination
  • To manage all my incomplete tasks even when I am tired so that none of them nags me, distracts me, wakes me up or comes back to bite me
  • To find effective ways to time block even when I have a rapidly changing schedule so that I can maintain my productivity

These are no small outcomes. If there are some which call to you, take a moment to write them down. They’ll help you get the most from the event as they are all transformational. You’ll find speakers addressing these questions in our lineup.

So go ahead and register now so you can start realizing some of these benefits.