You may be asking: “Is the Task Management & Time Blocking Summit for me?

As someone interested in the summit, chances are high that you are a driven individual. In other words, you are ambitious, creating lots of projects…which in turn generate lots of tasks.

It’s therefore no surprise: you already know how to manage more tasks than your friends, family members or colleagues. You may not know why…you just know that you are a bit different.

And you expect to have more tasks to manage in the future, not less.

How do you plan to cope? You already know that the one-size-fits-all-approach does not work. You no longer buy that particular sales pitch.

It takes courage to acknowledge this truth, but…now what? How do you make improvements when those who are suggesting them insist that their thinking is for everyone?

Fortunately, you still remain open. There are others of like mind who want to help you make progress. They have something to share that could make a difference.

So, if you remain open to hearing from presenters and colleagues who also want to help you find your own solutions, this event is for you. (On the flip side, if you’re looking for the next guru to follow, then you’re in the wrong place.)

During the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit, we want our attendees to take quantum leaps in assessing their current setup and making relevant changes. While there will be more than 50 experts and app developers sharing their knowledge and software, it’s best to focus your attention on the few changes to your setup that can make the biggest difference.

Ultimately, we’ll encourage you to leave with a written, personal change plan, written in a Workbook.

If this appeals to you, don’t wait. Go ahead and register now so you can start realizing some of these benefits.