Here are the four areas that most of the sessions in the summit will focus on. It’s followed by a list of some of the niche audiences who will be attending.

As you develop your title, try not to use the phrase “Time Blocking”. We want your topic to stand out from the rest when it’s placed on a master list of all sessions.

Scheduling Tasks – Behaviors

How to develop Time Blocking Habits / Practices
The Science of Implementing Reminders
The 3 Benefits of Theming Days
Why Batch your Tasks? The Science Speaks
How Morning, Evening and Other Routines Work
Energy Optimization – How to Make it Work For You
Manager vs. Maker Schedule
Choosing the Right Aids for Task Recall
How List Makers Become the Best Time Blockers
Upgrading Your Weekly Review to Include Time Blocking
AI: Moving from Calendaring to Auto-Scheduling
Timing the Move to Time Blocking
Work-Life Balance: Is it Really a Thing or a Big Mistake?

Flow/Deep Work/Interruptions/Distractions

Is Deep Work a Form of Digital Minimalism?
Why handling incomplete tasks is critical before Deep Work
Should Flow be Serendipitous or Planned?
Deep Work and Alarms – Do They Need Each Other?
In the Midst of Deep Work Should You Be Fully Aware of It?
How to Limit Interruptions to Do Deep Work
Setting Up For Deep Work – Food, Drink, Coffee, Noise and More
How Do You Manage a Week of Flow Sessions?
Do Deep Work Sessions Need Targets?
How Should You Balance Flow and Recovery?
Pomodoros – 3 Ways to Make Them Work

Aids (Devices, Apps, Paper, Brain)

Is Time Blocking Really Tool Agnostic?
Choosing the Best Auto-Scheduler
Choosing the Best Manual Time Blocker
Should you switch to an Auto-Scheduler?
Reminder technology – why it sucks and how to improve it
Voice activated technology – bad for task management?
Time blocking on paper – best practices and principles
Should an admin assistant be your time blocking aid?
Outlook vs. Google Calendar? Pros and Cons for Time Blocking

Measurement, Tracking and Gamification

The ideal time tracking app features (which don’t exist)
How to implement time tracking one successful step at a time
How to gamify your task management and time blocking
Stuff you can’t measure, but wish you could
Analyzing the CEO/Leader’s Calendar – based on this HBR article

Niche Groups


Salespeople/Realtors/Network Marketers

Side-Hustlers / Part-time entrepreneurs

Non-Professional Athletes

Busy Parents

Part-time students





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