It’s the third and final day of the summit and also the weekend…Ahhh! The sessions today will be split between the remaining Elective Sessions and live interactions with speakers and other participants.

However, at the start of the day you’ll be encouraged to use your workbook to focus on your success once the summit over. In other words – implementation. You’ll be encouraged to create a simple, mid-term plan for specific behavior changes. This will put your mind at ease and answer the question: “How can I possibly make all the changes I want, based on what I have learned?”

So today is more relaxed than the prior two days, designed for you to reinforce what you have learned so you can begin to assimilate it all.

There are some practical decisions you should make today make that will keep you moving on the path of improvement selected. You’ll decide where to invest time, energy and money to keep your transformation alive.

The agenda of events is available here (or will soon be.)

Day 1 (Foundations)>>>Day 2 (Choice Electives)>>>Day 3 (Interactions)