On this Second Day you’ll continue following your path, learning from different activities you decided to attend in your workbook.

The key here is not to over-indulge. After all, who wants to leave a summit feeling overwhelmed?

Instead, take in just enough to meet your needs…like a minimalist would. And make sure to be present – taking care of the needs of the outside world (you may need to check email!) and the inner world…so that you have some fun and allow yourself to feel the thrill of learning new ideas, presented in a fresh, new way.

Most of these new perspectives will be offered in the Elective Sessions, reinforced by the first of the live Q&A’s. By now, you will also have seen a few interviews offered in the lineup – carefully curated conversations which support the over all objectives.

Just like yesterday, the day begins with a kick-off from your host and ends with a joint, live discussion with all participants. You’ll also see the first Q&A’s so be sure to schedule those into your calendar.

The agenda of events is available here (or will soon be.)

Day 1 (Foundations)>>>Day 2 (Choice Electives)>>>Day 3 (Interactions)