The First Day of the summit focuses on establishing a common foundation for every attendee and offering the first round of thought-provocative, pre-recorded talks.

All pre-recorded videos are divided into Core and Elective Sessions. Core Sessions are designed for everyone to take first each day, while Electives are meant to be chosen to fit your interests.

On this first day, two Core Sessions are offered. The first is designed to bring you into the essential concepts to be used in the summit: the presentations, live Q&A’s, Ask Me Anythings (AMA’s), Quizzes, Games, Exhibits, online chats with other participants and other activities.

Core Session #1 – Defining the Challenge: The Start of Your Summit

During the second core session, you’ll be advised to do a few self-evaluations, and based on the results, to choose one of four paths to follow during the events. I’ll make  some recommendations during the presentation.

Core Session #2 – Your Approach to the Summit: Preliminary Self Evaluations

Both Core Sessions are available on all three days while Electives are only available for 24 hours.

How will you spend the rest of the day? When you register you receive a workbook designed to help you choose the best path to follow. You’ll be able to choose from pre-recorded sessions, interactions with other participants, Q&A’s with speakers and  having some fun with games and quizzes, to name a few opportunities.

Finally, each day of the summit ends with a special, live closing session.

Here is a summary of what to expect on each day


The lineup of Elective Sessions has now been drafted, and so has a detailed agenda. Click here to see a brief list of the speakers and their topics, without their assigned days.