Ep 18 – Should We Design Peak Moments of Happiness?

COVID disrupted many of our regular routines, some of which have not recovered. In particular, if you work from home, you may notice that seeing the same people every day and working in the same space is quite convenient. But it’s also predictable – in the bad way. Many of us have lost a certain thrill that comes from being in close proximity to others and the surprises which go with it. They don’t invite us out as often, and we don’t meet up as frequently…outside of Zoom.

In a way, we don’t have as many new things to look forward to. Not surprisingly, this has an impact on our daily happiness. Having something – anything – to look forward to has an impact on our happiness.

Is there a sustainable solution to this dilemma?

I’m Francis Wade and join me and our special guest, Laura Vanderkam as we tackle this challenge.

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Dr. Frank Buck is ranked #1 in the world by Global Gurus Top 30 in “time management”.  He’s a speaker, productivity coach, and author of Get Organized! and Get Organized Digitally! He helps busy professionals achieve total control over their time and the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Francis Wade is the host of the Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit and the author of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Connect with him on Linkedin or send a message here. www.replytofrancis.info

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