Ep 17 – Controversy. Can You Ever Stop Using Contexts for Your Tasks?

You have tried using contexts for your tasks in the past, perhaps following the advice of GTD. The idea was a sound one, and made a positive contribution. But as time went on, the technique seemed to lose its potency. The question is “Why?”

And did this experience imply that you needed to stop using them altogether? This may not make sense, because when you applied contexts to a raw list of todos, it made things better. So is the idea a bad one?

In this solo episode we take a deep dive into the research behind contexts done by 2Time Labs. I’ll share my latest thinking which shows why contexts are unavoidable, and why you need to move way past the ones suggested by Getting Things Done published in 2001.

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Show Notes Ep 17

A list of tags – https://scheduleu.org/a-short-list-of-task-attributes/

Webinar on Contexts and tags – https://webinarkit.net/webinar/registration/61aaadb6e522d8001637f250


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