Stellar Lineup and Key Sponsors

You want to become productive, but it’s hard to find fresh and insightful ideas. You want to narrow them down to thought leaders you can trust, but where can you find them?

Perhaps you can trust the third annual Task Management & Time Blocking Summit. With hundreds of thought leaders, content creators, reserchers, app developers and experts to call from, the summit brings together the best thinkers to be found.

Together they provide a unique experience for all who attend, a way to be efficient in your quest for improvement. In just three days, you can put together a plan that lasts for an entire year so that you can save your efforts and apply the Pareto Effect…focusing on the 20% improvements you need that give you an 80% overall result.

Register today and start benefiting immediately!

Furthermore, the event is underwritten by some of the most innovative apps to be found. Visit their pages on this website for more information. Just click on the icons.