Make Scheduling Meaningful

Prdikt’s goal is to revolutionise the way you organise your life and work and support career progression.

With Prdikt, you schedule your days to maximise flow and performance, not attendance. There is no point in working when your brain and body are not ready. Having two or three hours of profoundly focused work produces 30% better results than 10 hours of unfocused efforts. We help you find those 90-minute blocks in your day based on what your body and routines tell us.

We are radically open and unreasonable believers that we can help create systemic change in how business professionals worldwide use their time and their abilities in the most powerful ways.

Sign up for the beta launch now! People who participated in the closed beta will get the following benefits:

– Improved productivity from day one;

– Special secret gift;

– Finally, a lifetime free access to premium features of the V1 when the app is publicly available.

What features will be available during the closed beta?

1. Performance Capacity Prediction for the day (on the launch)

2. Sleep and exercise analytics (on the launch)

3. Performance peaks and dips (on the launch)

4. Calendar support (on the launch)

5. Productivity bot-coach (soon)

6. Sleep and exercise insights (soon)

7. Performance Capacity Prediction for the next six days (soon)

8. Full calendar support (soon)

Don’t forget to type “TM&TB Summit” when signing up for our waitlist to get three months of free Premium membership! Prdikt is offering a special deal on users who sign up during the summit. Click here for more information.