Are you an accomplishment‑driven entrepreneur who struggles to get the right things done on their daily to‑do list?

Some entrepreneurs are a force of nature. 

They wake up every day at 4am, execute a strict morning ritual, slam down a coffee for breakfast and have done three deals before the rest of us wake up. They thrive on adrenaline and seem to have unlimited reserves of willpower.

If that’s you, Day Optimizer is not for you. 

Day Optimizer aims to help the less disciplined entrepreneur who:

  • Focuses too much on urgent tasks and not enough on important tasks
  • Procrastinates instead of just getting started
  • Loses track of time going down rabbit holes
  • Allows distractions to pull them off course
  • Gets caught up working in the business–forgetting to take time to work on the business
  • Works too much on the fun tasks & not enough on other important tasks
  • Aims for some degree of work-life balance

Now, it isn’t an app for the completely undisciplined. Instead, it’s an app for those who want to enhance and direct their limited daily willpower toward building a better business and living a better life.