Ep 20 – Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Failure

When it comes to task management, you know that one size doesn’t fit all. AND You are someone who has increased your workflow over the years – more tasks than ever, and a future of more task management, not less. At the moment your current approach works BUT…you suspect that it may run into problems as you add that project/child/hobby/elder-care/sport/travel/promotion/continuing education/high schooling-to-college-to-marriage to kids…

How do you adjust your approach when you realize that you need to change your methods as task volume increases…and you can only see a future or more tasks? Knowing that this is a problem isn’t enough – you want more.

Tune into this episode to hear from me and my special guest, Dr. Frank Buck, as we solve this challenging problem together.

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Show Notes Ep 20

Frank Buck is ranked #1 in the world by Global Gurus Top 30 in “time management”.  He’s a speaker, productivity coach, and author of Get Organized! and Get Organized Digitally!. He helps busy professionals achieve total control over their time and the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks. https://frankbuck.org/new-responsibilities/

Thanks to Alex_MakeMusic on Pixabay for the opening and closing music.