Conference Bulletin Day 2 – Friday March 5th

Welcome back to another day of transformation, learning and fun interactions.

Yesterday we had a good one…lots of great pre-recorded downloads (still available!), live sessions and stimulating conversations. Let’s have another interesting one, shall we?

  1. There are a few changes to the schedule. One of our favorites, Jamie Steele, won’t be in the lineup due to unforeseen circumstances. She was due to be in two sessions this morning. Here’s the revised agenda for today:
    • 10:30am EST Opening Session with Nozbe Team’s Michael Sliwinski
    • 11:00am EST Q&A with Michael Sliwinski, Dr. Frank Buck and Augusto Pinaud
    • 12:00pm EST Q&A with Renee Clair, Augusto Pinaud and Mike Vardy
  2. Our folks in Europe have asked for the pre-recorded sessions to go live earlier. Last night we were able to do make Friday’s recordings available by midnight EST. We’ll try to do the same tonight.
  3. I have added a new pre-recording to the lineup – Augusto Pinaud’s “Getting Things Done Together with Nozbe teams”
  4. Online discussions about the day’s events have just started on Mighty-Taskers. Join in here as these will continue long after the event is over.
  5. Having difficulty registering? Use or the HelpDesk or (in an emergency) the purple Help/Chat button at the bottom right which becomes a live chat during summit hours.