Conference Bulletin Day 1 – Thursday March 4th

Here are some quick updates before we go live at 9:30am:

  1. Having difficulty registering? Try this link: You will receive information on how to access the materials immediately on the confirmation page and also via email.
  2. Need help? Use the HelpDesk here – or in an emergency the purple button at the bottom right.
  3. There is a recent change to our schedule – the founder of one of our sponsors, Nozbe Teams, will be joining me live on Friday morning at 10:30am EST. Check out my live discussion with Michael Sliwinksi as we tackle the problem of managing tasks in teams. I’ll also be talking briefly with one of the Nozbe team members at 11:00am EST today.
  4. This morning, Trevor Lohrbeer of Day Optimizer (another of our sponsors) joins us for part of the Opening Session. That’s followed by a discussion with Mike Vardy and Ray Sidney-Smith in which we’ll be looking at the challenges of task management and time blocking and why this summit should help.

Don’t miss the start of our summit!



P.S. We have also added a detailed map of all the important summit locations with clickable locations: