Webinar: Not Saying Enough No’s to Protect Your Time?

Are you saying no as often as you can? Or should?

As a Mega-Tasker you manage scores or even hundreds of tasks at a time. You already know that being focused means turning down lots of requests from other people.

However, you still find yourself at a loss for words in critical moments. Whether it’s a boss, spouse, colleague, child, parent, investor or friend…we add another task to our list when we know we shouldn’t.

In that split-second, we wince, because we already have a calendar that’s full. With little discretionary time available, we understand that we’ll have to cancel or delay other commitments. Our lack of skill has created a problem.

Come to this webinar looking for ways to nip this problem in the bud – in the heat of the moment. We’ll look at several practical frameworks we can practice and use to become more skillful at saying no, without doing damage to our relationships, other people’s feelings or our reputations.

The evening will start with an interactive discussion about different principles to use, and end with live private, practice sessions on the Remo platform.

Register for free here: https://live.remo.co/e/not-saying-enough-no-s

Thursday February 25th, 2021 6pm