Webinar Replay – Contexts and Tags for Tasks

Click on the box above to view the video on this page or here: https://youtu.be/-MJSVF7mjZg 

Have you ever struggled to make sense of the contexts defined in Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (2001)? 

The ones suggested in the book don’t seem to apply any longer, but the logic behind using them is also not clear…even 20 years later.
Things have changed, and I see lots of posts on Reddit and other places asking for clarification.

This webinar/discussion was a deep dive into this topic. Tune into to learn that you cannot escape contexts, or their more general application, tags.

I’ll show that you must use them skillfully if you hope to survive as a Mighty-Tasker.

Here’s the link to the video – https://youtu.be/-MJSVF7mjZg 

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