Conference Bulletin Update Day #3 – Saturday

Good day to you, wherever you might be in the world.

Yesterday was an exciting and busy day with lots of pre-recorded videos and also some engaging live discussions. (Register here – it’s not too late.)

Today there will be feature presentations and live panels starting at 9:30am on Airmeet, plus five new downloads available in our summit space.

In terms of our live agenda, both presentations by Canadians Mike Vardy and Dr. Brad Aeon were recorded ahead of time for one-time showing on Saturday. They aren’t included in our usual list of daily downloads, so you have to come at the right time to view each video. Grab a snack…this will be like watching a movie in some ways!

They are quite good too…hence this very special treatment. (But they will be included in the All Access Pass.)

Also, due to circumstances beyond our control, the pre-recorded videos by Ray Sidney-Smith and Augusto Pinaud will only be available in the All Access Pass. Apologies to their fans!

Finally, we had no complaints of “jumpy screens” yesterday in the summit space. Here is a snapshot in case you have not visited yet.

It’s a very cool interface! Lots of comments and introductions from summitteers.

So, Don’t miss the final day of our summit by registering here. And do remember that the All Access Pass gives you a full year of convenient replays on-demand, over and over again.

See you on the summit space or on Airmeet.


P.S. And make sure to register!