Ep – 14 – Fixing Problems with Time Blocking


You’re a time blocker to some degree. This means you put tasks in your calendar…Not just appointments with people which can’t easily be changed, but solo time you commit to doing a particular task.

In other words, you make a promise to yourself that non-one else knows about to do something at a particular time and place.

It’s an easy concept to explain, But…most people who seem to start the practice have a rough time taking it to the level they want. Once they get past the beginner stage, when they are experimenting with a few tasks they want more.

And for a while, they schedule more tasks…and more…and more. Until they have too many and their time blocking becomes a problem. It should be easy, they think, but it’s not.

What are some of the best solutions available?
Tune into this episode to hear from me and my special guest, Mike Vardy, as we solve this challenging problem together.

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Show Notes Ep 17

Perfect Time-Based Productivity https://perfect.mytimedesign.com

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