Ep 10 – Can You Fix Your Time Optimism?

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re a time optimist?

So you’re someone who uses time blocking as a regular technique… You put tasks in your calendar so that you can make realistic commitments.

But do you still run into the problem of time optimism, where you’re allocating time, and things take far longer than you thought? This creates a ripple effect that affects everything you try to do.

How do you even tackle a problem that afflicts almost everyone? Even those who don’t use a calendar at all? 

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Show Notes Ep 10

Trevor Lohrbeer is founder of Day Optimizer, a web app that helps freelancers and entrepreneurs create a daily plan that reflects their priorities using guided workflows designed around neuroscience principles.

He is also the creator of Strategic Life Tools, a free membership site with tools for life planning and Lean Decisions, a blog that teaches people concepts & techniques to make better decisions.

He lives part-time in Asheville, North Carolina and part-time in Berlin, Germany. In his spare time, he is an avid swing dancer and is currently working toward B2 fluency in German.

Thanks to Alex_MakeMusic on Pixabay for the opening and closing music.