Ep 8 – Should We Want More Bright, Shiny, Improvement Objects?


As a productivity enthusiast, you are hooked on making improvements. For any number of reasons, you are intrigued by the idea of making progress by continually shaping your behaviors, apps and devices. For that reason you pay attention to advertisements and read articles.

But how in the world do you make sense of the hundreds of suggestions made to you each day from people around the internet. A long time ago, you could chase down every lead.

But now, there are endless rabbit holes to go down. How do you get to the point where you don’t try to pay attention to them all, or unhook yourself from chasing down bright, shiny improvement objects?

Tune into this episode to listen to me and my special guest, Carl Pullein, as we solve this challenging problem together.

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Carl Pullein is a renowned productivity and time management coach who has helped thousands of people worldwide get better at managing their time and become more productive using technology and strategies that work for them.

Carl has written three books on productivity and time management and coaches companies and individuals worldwide through his one-to-one coaching programmes. Carl also developed the Time Sector System—a time management system designed for the 21st century.

Carl is passionate and dedicated to helping people become better at managing their time so they can focus on what is important to them through his YouTube videos, presentations, and highly interactive, entertaining, and educational workshops.

Thanks to Alex_MakeMusic on Pixabay for the opening and closing music.