Conference Bulletin Day 2 – 2022

Hi there! If you made it to yesterday’s opening day you may remember it was a thought-provoking start to our event.

The two catch phrases of the day were #ironsharpensiron and #intentions. They kept coming up throughout the day, highlighting the opportunity we have to be together, engaging mindfully in activities (adventures!) we find fulfilling.

Today starts off on a strong footing as we hear from two app developers on the work they’re doing to serve their audiences. We also have four live Q&A’s, including one with Carl Pullein who is joining us from South Korea for the first time! It will be almost midnight where he is!

Remember that we have a Workbook to help you decide what to attend, or view, or interact with.

Prepare yourself for another bingeable day of content and interactions.

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Finally, remember that we have a HelpDesk with different ways to get assistance. It has a short video walk through of the entire event, in a single place.

That’s it – see you when the doors open!

Francis Wade/host