Experienced GTD User – Want Fresh Solutions?

You’re a GTD Fan, someone who practices the techniques from the book. You want to keep growing by moving past the standard advice…but it takes too much time to find people who have something fresh and insightful to say. You want to deepen your GTD practice, but how?

Here’s an efficient way to hear from 8 thought leaders who have first-hand experience working with GTD and its core ideas, each for more than a decade. It’s the Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit 2022, which is hosting an inaugural GTD Track.

A year ago, the organizers sat down and committed to finding thinkers who were doing more than repeating phrases from Getting Things Done. They wanted experts who respected the approach,  hadn’t departed from its principles, but were innovating on 20 year old ideas.

After a long search, these were the speakers who made the final cut, and together they promise a unique way to tackle the most challenging aspects of your GTD implementation. Think of the difficulty fans have with the Weekly Review, or time blocking, or the project of implementing the appraoch in Corporate environments.

The most exciting aspect? Four of them will participate in a live debate on the ongoing value of contexts (i.e. tags used for tasks).

Don’t miss this opportunity to register for a unique experience. If you can’t attend the event, consider the purchase of an All Access Pass.

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