You’re preparing your pre-recorded video for the summit and saw mention of certain incentives to be gained from meeting the due date we shared here on the form. But what are they? We’ll explain!

In prior summits, we have noticed that some of our speakers submit their content at the last minute. This means that we’re forced into a mad scramble, often staying up late at night to make it work.

This isn’t the best situation, so we decided to make the benefits of early submittals more clear, plus add in a few bonuses of our own! Here’s why you should try to meet your assigned due date.

Benefit 1 – We’ll list your content higher in the pre-recordings – this means that more people will click on your video.

Benefit 2 – We’ll grant you a higher affiliate commission, which translates into more revenue.

Benefit 3 – You’ll be on the preferred list of folks chosen to be on a summit panel so that you get live exposure to our audience.

Benefit 4 – We’ll be really grateful! And we’re likely to invite you back to be on a webinar or podcast.

That’s about it. We know that life has a way of springing surprises…but the most important takeaway is that it’s important to stay in communication with us throughout the process.

Have fun!


P.S. Here is a link back to the application page if needed. Good luck!