To understand the areas where our summitteers desire the most help, we use an evolving list of Unmet Needs. (We use Jobs to Be Done Theory.) This list was updated in mid January.

Key: (e)=emotional need (f)=functional need (s)=social need

Unmet Needs – Thwarted Progress Producing Struggling Moments
When I feel overwhelmed by all the tasks I am trying to manage I want some practical help so that I can regain my peace of mind (e)
When I see (process) defects and need excellent advice to improve my task management I want to go to a single place to find the best thinking (f)
When I see others moving ahead managing more tasks than I do I want to find out what they are doing so that I can be just as effective (s)
When I have been going non-stop without taking time to think I want an opportunity to step back and reflect on the quality of my task management so that I can make improvements (f)
When I hear stories about people using AI and other new stuff I want a simple explanation so that I can be up to date and make smart choices (f)
When I get concerned about a future of more distractions and WFH (Work from Home) I want to implement better techniques so I can be focused while working (e) (f)
When I feel unproductive I want to be able to enter the Flow state with skill so that I can do my best work (f)
When I fall behind my email I want to improve my workflow so that people can see I am on top of things (s)
When I see tasks falling through the cracks I want to make changes to my habits, practice, apps and devices so that my process is flawless (f)
When I feel alone/ want to learn alongside others who are using the best Task Management and Time Blocking (TMTB) techniques/tools I want to find them instantly so that I can get questions answered fast (s) (e)
When I feel stale/stuck /need to be challenged in my productivity I want to access learning/training so I can re-experience the thrill of learning and get better (s) (e)
When I feel annoyed at yet another basic “task management 101” post I hunger for an opportunity to learn something new so I can be thrilled/inspired once again (e)
When I see my task load increasing I want to improve my TMTB so I can make practical improvements to stay ahead (f)
When I can’t figure out the best app for TMTB I want some guidelines to help me choose the right one so that I can manage all my tasks without mistakes (f)
When I feel as if Getting Things Done (GTD) is missing a modern component I want a bridge between the two techniques so that I can feel as if I am making progressive improvements (f)
When I feel stuck having to figure out how to make GTD work I want some answers that help me solve serious problems (e)
When I want to learn with others who also have GTD issues I want to find a way to work with and from them to find solutions so that I can be confident and not alone (s)