Trevor is founder of Day Optimizer, a web app that helps freelancers and entrepreneurs create a daily plan that reflects their priorities using guided workflows designed around neuroscience principles. 

Trevor is currently looking for a marketing / biz dev co-founder to help him grow Day Optimizer. Find out more here.

He is also the creator of Strategic Life Tools, a free membership site with tools for life planning and Lean Decisions, a blog that teaches people concepts & techniques to make better decisions.

He lives part-time in Asheville, North Carolina and part-time in Berlin, Germany. In his spare time, he is an avid swing dancer and is currently working toward B2 fluency in German.

Day Optimizer

Professional (Fast Fedora)

Trevor: I just launched a YouTube channel called Mindful Productivity, where I explain concepts, frameworks and techniques for improving your productivity by being more conscious of what you do throughout the day. Subscribe here to see new videos in your YouTube feed.