To log into the summit’s live and pre-recorded events, visit this page:

The first live event each day takes place according to this schedule from March 3-5, 2022: (Thurs: 9:30am, Friday: 9:30am and Saturday at 11:00am).

Pre-recorded content is uploaded on the morning of each day.

Check your email for a confirmation message. If you happen to have a Gmail address, check the Promotions Tab/Folder if you can’t find the message. Open the email and click on the link to receive the appropriate, up to date advisories.

To start reading my book immediately, you can click on the cover page below to download the entire document. I look forward to seeing you at the Task Management and Time Blocking Virtual Summit!

Can’t make it to each day of the event? Consider the purchase of an All Access Pass for $249. However, during the days of the event, the price is discounted to only $149.

See you inside!

Francis Wade

P.S. If the summit for this year has already passed, don’t worry! We have automatically registered you for next year’s event.