As a certified Productivity & ADHD/Executive Function Coach, Business Consultant and Professional Organizer, I help my clients to overcome overwhelm and close the frustrating gaps between potential and performance, ability and outcome. Having many of the same challenges as my clients, I am able to help them to better accept how their struggles with getting things done are independent of intelligence and motivation to succeed. We focus on practical tools and strategies that work WITH the way they think – not the way they (or others) wish they thought!  

Clients become better able to clarify and attain goals, get and stay motivated, and push past challenges with activation, procrastination and completion. They become more organized, efficient and able to effectively manage time and priorities, papers, projects, relationships, attitude, systems, space and stuff. All from a judgment-free perspective. They have less stress, greater self-compassion, and more time, energy and focus to get things done, grow their business, succeed in school or the workplace, balance work/home/self-care, maximize their unique potential and live a life they love!   

Since 1991, I’ve been helping individuals and small businesses to survive and thrive, as a coach, consultant and professional organizer. Prior to coaching I was a VP Marketing/Creative Director and then co-founder of one of the first ADHD support and advocacy groups, CHADD of NYC. I am an author, speaker and artist (typically multidiverse!). 

You can contact Susan at: Download her free Guidebook: The 7-Step PowerPlan to Success (How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Things Done) and check out her blogs on Productivity, Organization, ADHD and more.