As a student of time management and productivity for years, I rarely get a lot of benefit from “Productivity Summits.” I was also concerned because I’ve tried time blocking in the past and it hasn’t worked. But I’ve been floundering in my work, and the lineup of speakers was so good, I started listening to the introductory material. Francis Wade started off with some very core ideas about how to approach time blocking, and suggested creative ways to shuffle tasks throughout the day. Geoff Woods (of The One Thing) discussed how even small actions done consistently can produce huge results. And one of my favorite time masters, Ray Sydney-Smith, contributed a ton during the interviews. Very engaging and unique content from many speakers. Since viewing the videos I’ve started using time blocking – the right way – and am consistently getting my most important tasks done early in the day. Just a few tactics helped me hit my weekly goals, and I highly recommend this product. Looking forward to next year!