Thanks for coming to learn more about becoming a sponsor of the Time Blocking Virtual Summit. If you have a product or service that you believe is compatible with our audience, please keep reading.

By now you may know that the summit is for an audience of “Mighty-Taskers”: people who manage over 100 tasks at any given time. They tend to be driven, ambitious people who give themselves a lot to do. Consequently, they have very little “free time”. Every available moment can (and should) be applied to one of their commitments. But they aren’t magicians…they are freelancers, executives, salespeople, endurance athletes, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, side-hustlers, real estate agents, creatives, programmers and sometimes even two or three roles from the above list.

They choose time blocking because they need to keep careful track of all their tasks. When they don’t stay on top of them all, they experience a number of unwanted symptoms, including feelings of overwhelm and missed deadlines or appointments. In other words, time blocking helps them make fewer mistakes on their way to accomplishing their goals.

As a potential sponsor, you may have a product or service that meets the specific needs of this group. Or perhaps you aren’t sure if there is a good fit.

In both cases, the next step is the same. Reach out to me to have a conversation and to obtain the most recent copy of the sponsor package for the Time Blocking Virtual Summit. I will help you decide whether this opportunity is the right one for your brand at this time.