Simona Ferri is an executive coach, trainer, and consultant; her mission with her company, Nexen, is to support the development of critical soft skills for work and life. None of those soft skills is more important than time management! Simona believes it is a crucial skill because its effects are widespread on our lives and can be very, very deep.
After a brilliant career in a multinational consulting company, Simona left the company in 2016 to find her purpose. And find it she did! She became a business coach and a LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator and has since worked with multinational companies, global professionals, and start-ups.
She describes herself as a “former almost-functioning procrastinator” and has tried systems, books, even hypnosis in her journey to overcome procrastination. During her coaching training, she understood the role of emotions and the many layers and facets of managing time.
She put this knowledge, paired with her creativity, into a program called Design Your Time. The program aims to raise awareness about the layers of time management and the opportunities it presents for (deep) change in our lives once participants understand them and take responsibility for change. Design Your Time is based on coaching and design thinking, plus additional inputs from LEGO® and art.
Simona coaches and trains clients in Italian, English, French, and Spanish.
At the summit, she will present how the concept of SPACE can give us a different time perspective, raise our awareness, and offer insights into how we do things today and how we could do them tomorrow.