Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals: Breaking the Cookie-Cutter Approach to Goal Setting

Here are three things no one ever shares about goal-setting:

It’s ok to be confused about what goal to pursue each year.

It’s ok to set a goal and then change it in the middle of the year.

It’s ok to even fail at achieving your goal!

So can we achieve great things whether we work in the corporate world or own a small biz?

The answer is YES! Yes we can!

But if you are on the verge of giving up hope or on the edge of burn out… I INVITE YOU TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

Because my greatest hope is to help…

Goal setting isn’t just for:

❌ Big corporations

❌ Entrepreneurs with big teams

❌ Or entrepreneurs who have been doing this for YEARS.

Goal setting is for EVERYONE and you can be successful too!

And the key is within…

“The mind-body connection” 🙏🏼

I’d be honored to guide you through a framework to SHOW you how in Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals: Breaking the Cookie-Cutter Approach to Goal Setting


✨ The easiest way to set an achievable annual goal… even if you are working full-time in the corporate world!

✨ How you CAN actually work towards a goal while still running your business… even if you feel overwhelmed at this moment.

✨ Why achieving your big annual goal or doing everything “perfectly” doesn’t matter when you do these EASY THREE THINGS.

✨ The number-one reason why goal setting TYPICALLY FAILS and how to overcome this block.

…And SO much more!

Reneé Clair holds a MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification. She supports corporate clients as a Marketing Project Manager and offers one-to-one productivity coaching for small business owners in the wellness industry.

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