If you, like many knowledge workers, deal with actionable emails by leaving them in your email inbox until you can act on them, you are essentially using your email inbox as a to-do list manager. And your email inbox makes a terrible to-do list manager: no GTD contexts, no due dates, no sorting by importance, and the subject lines don’t even describe the action you need to take, which forces you to repeatedly re-open emails to remind yourself of what you need to do with them. There is a much better way, and Paul’s presentation, “The Best Way for Outlook Users to Implement GTD,” will show you how.

Paul has had several careers, first in radio and then in IT, but most recently he led a department that managed large productivity improvement initiatives in the R&D division of a major pharmaceutical company. While that job involved improving the productivity of an entire organization, Paul has always had a keen interest in personal productivity – how individuals can maximize their own efficiency and effectiveness. He became an informal coach to a number of managers and senior leaders at his company, helping them improve the way they managed their time and commitments.

Since retiring from full-time work, Paul has focused exclusively on helping individuals and organizations improve personal productivity. In particular, he has provided workshops and one-on-one training to hundreds of knowledge workers on how to use little-know features of Microsoft Outlook to bring order to their email inbox and manage all their tasks and projects in a GTD-compliant way. His presentation at the summit will be the first time he’s demonstrated his approach in a video presentation. Paul’s website is paulwknight.com, and you can find him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-knight-59a5185.