Olu Ogunlela is a certified life coach, retired pro-endurance athlete, and co-founder of Liferithms. Liferithms is a digital health behavior change startup building the future of preventive health and well-being. Liferithms is solving challenges associated with human performance, high stress, burnout, and depression, which can lead to chronic illness, disease, suicide, or untimely death. This is made possible via lifestyle interventions driven by aggregating activity and biomarker data from apps, wearables, and IoT devices while using ML/AI to help people manage their busy schedules, prioritize better, and live healthier lives. Olu has 13 years of research experience in the area of behavioral psychology. He has trained individuals and groups on goal achievement and led several corporate training interventions on productivity, time management, work-balance, and peak performance. He also created training materials and developed new methodologies for achieving life, time, and energy management within a framework that was used in the development of Liferithms’ platform.