I am a productivity coach interested in achieving happiness instead of goals. I am also a Multipotentialite: Computer Engineer, Ms. in Ancient Philosophy, Fictional Writer, Content Creator, et cetera.
After more than fifteen years working in the tech industry, I realized that my uncommon combination of talents could help others to achieve their goals. After more than three years of working on my practice as a coach, I realized I want to help others realized that happiness is the goal. Moreover, happiness is not a north star but a daily objective.
I had a mental health crisis that changed my life entirely. Dealing with suicidal thoughts makes you look for reasons to live every day. What you produce should provide those reasons, not only as a professional but as a human being.
I worked for Expedia for almost six years as a Technical Product Manager / Scrum Master. I was in love with my work because it allowed me to work with a team and take care of it. I started to participate more and more in diversity and inclusion and mental health initiatives globally. I discovered my passion for making others’ dreams and projects a reality by combining psychology, technology, engineering, philosophy, literature.
Nowadays, I have Mujer Cronopio. I share my experience and spread a compassionate productivity message to my community.

I’m Happily Productive, Are You?

How are you investing your time, energy, and attention?

I would love to share ideas, more than specific methods, that will help you realize what you need to change in your schedule to live happily instead of searching for happiness that never comes and achieving goals that mean nothing.

Self-Compassion: A Key Concept for your Productivity

Self-compassion is an antidote for perfectionism, time management issues, guilty trips, and lack of motivation. Let me tell you why!

Multipotentialite working as a Productivity and Creative Writing Coach with an Engineering and Philosophy Background.