How can you gain the kind of productivity insights that make a difference?

As a productivity enthusiast, you thrive on opportunities to make progress. These are impactful moments when you gain some knowledge or insight that makes everything different. An Aha moment!

But these rare episodes tend to happen early in our career, when we read a basic book or take a beginner’s course. It’s still awesome – we make amazing progress. And the stuff actually works! Our productivity geeky-dom or nerdiness is born.

However, now that we are more experienced, a “101” class or an expert’s mandates won’t have the same impact. We need a different approach for a fresh Aha experience.

Consider joining me for 7 hours of continuous insights into your task management system.

I’ll personally introduce you to a different approach. In the NewHabits I Foundations training, you’ll come to understand the sub-behaviors that make up the 7 fundamentals. As you do so, you’ll rank your skills in real-time.

The result will be a profile looking like this one, covering Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling and Listing. (You’ll be able to complete your profile of the other 6 fundamentals in NewHabits II…to be scheduled.)

But this chart is just the beginning.

In the class, I’ll help you convert this collective insight into a realistic plan of action, starting with the fundamentals which have the highest leverage – a Pareto Improvement Plan. You’ll also create some independent supports which ensure that your changes take root in new behaviors.

There’s also a bunch of bonuses…and if you register before Wednesday March 8th, I’ll throw in a full video replay of both training sessions. Together they make up a unique package of learning based on uniquely, personal insights.

Why is this so different?

After all, you probably have some idea what your profile looks like…right? Or perhaps you are hoping that you’ll find the right app to fix everything? Soon.

Or maybe you are looking for some new mandates…compulsory recommendations…”Must Do’s!” from a guru. Every week, a new person appears insisting that his/her advice is the final answer. You could get lucky with a new or old expert. Right?

I suggest that the above strategies won’t work once you become a serious productivity enthusiast. The fuel for your next level of growth must come from inside…not from outside.

In the NewHabits I Foundation workshop I can promise that you’ll gain the kind of self-understanding that will empower you. In fact, you may never see your improvement journey the same after we’re done.

If you’re still reading, then it may be that you have some doubts, or questions. Visit this page to get them answered. Or reply to this email.

Or relax knowing that everyone who takes the workshop enjoys a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Why Now?

This course is being offered online, on demand.

April 7, 2023 – 9am-1230pm Eastern (Session #1)

April 14, 2023 – 9am-1230pm Eastern (Session #2)

The class will have less than 15 people, so all your queries can be answered. I will be there, helping you to answer the ETaPS questions (Evaluate/Target/Plan/Support.) Each person will walk away with a unique profile, and Pareto Improvement Plan.

This is only the second I’m offering this 14-year-old training to our entire international community, but I don’t plan to offer it again anytime soon due to a full schedule. 

For this introductory training I usually charge $499 but it’s reduced for the conference to $299 per person.

Is it a wise investment? I’ll leave you to answer that question, and inbox me if you find yourself on the fence. Or check out the program details here to learn more, or register.

I hope you consider the approach we’re taking carefully, and join me.