Leslie Shreve is a workload management and productivity expert, and the Founder and CEO of Productive Day®. Leslie is also the creator of Taskology® The Science of Getting Things Done, a unique and proprietary system for workload management and productivity, including the management of tasks, time, email, information and more.

For more than 13 years, Leslie worked in corporate office environments before establishing Productive Day in 2003. Since then, Leslie has shown hundreds of C-level leaders, managers, professionals and business owners in more than thirty different industries how to increase their efficiency and productivity by up to 300% in as little as four weeks, reduce stress by up to 90%, gain 1-2 hours back in their workday—EVERY DAY—and make more meaningful progress—WITHOUT working nights and weekends.

Clients previously frustrated or overwhelmed with too much to do, too many emails and not enough time now claim to have a secreta new system they can use to take charge of their workday and their workload to get more accomplished in less time with less stress.

Those who learn Taskology® are able to gain more clarity, confidence and control in their workday, work more proactively and productively, and save more time and energy. As a result, they can accelerate achievement and make more meaningful progress on the projects and the initiatives that matter the most to them—and to the future of their organization. And because clients are able to get more accomplished faster and easier during the workday, they can enjoy more stress-free time at home for themselves, with their spouse and their kids, and for anything they want to do with their time.

Leslie has been interviewed on TV and radio and has written tips and articles for the Baltimore Business Journal and Smart CEO Magazine. Leslie’s advice has been featured or quoted in Fast Company, the Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail and Business Management Daily. Leslie also published a business fiction book in 2016 called, “Taskology: How to Unleash the Power of Your Most Productive Workday.”

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Ignite your Productivity

Why Today’s Task Management Methods are Failing You and

What to Do Instead to Increase Efficiency, Double Your Productivity and

Gain 1-2 Hours Every Day—WITHOUT working Nights and Weekends

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Do you DREAD looking at your email Inbox? Are you tired of rushed, reactive days with too much to do and too little time? Do you work long hours to try to catch up or keep up? Don’t settle for workdays that aren’t working. If you’re frustrated or overwhelmed with too much to do and too many emails, and you want more time—for achieving your goals AND for more stress-free time at home—join me in this 40-minute presentation to IGNITE your Productivity. I’ll reveal the Missing Piece in your workday strategy, tell you how to bridge the gap, and show you how productive workdays REALLY work. I’ll pull back the curtain and show you why today’s task management methods are FAILING you and what to do instead to DOUBLE your productivity, gain 1-2 hours BACK in your workday—EVERY day—and make more meaningful progress—WITHOUT working nights and weekends.


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