As a potential Summit Sponsor, you are eager to see a return from your involvement. While you are happy to contribute, you want to end the event with greater insight into your target audience than you had before it started.

But how can you gain this understanding so that you can better achieve your business objectives? Luckily, a few prior sponsors have led the way.

They asked a number of questions within days of the summit to understand the following:

  • how did our brand fare?
  • what can we learn about our target audience?
  • what is happening within the global audience of productivity enthusiasts we need to be aware of?

The truth is, we accumulate a lot of data during the summit. Part of it is related to paid ads, some of it comes from organic activities, while a portion is gathered during the event itself.

We use these analytics, and qualitative data, to update our perception of the task management industry. As you may imagine, we are uniquely able to do so by virtue of what we do. And up until now, it’s just information we have used for our own purposes.

But now we’re making these insights available to our sponsors. In the 2023 sponsorship proposal it’s called “Add-On #1 – Post-Summit Debrief.”

How does it work?

Step 1 – Before the Summit

We gain an understanding of your ideal customer. We use the Jobs to Be Done Technique to see what their solution-seeking behaviors might be, and how they fit your current strategy

We map a number of tactics to reach your target audience in our advertising and promotions, then try to craft preliminary measures which reflect a successful outcome.

Step 2 – During the Summit

We take steps to drive the numbers related to your brand.

Step 3 – After the Summit

We analyze the overall audience and event, then extract what we can about your specific target audience. In our final meetings, we suggest way to shape your current strategy to meet emerging needs and behaviors.

The fact is, the productivity enthusiast market is evolving rapidly. New entrants stir things up and fresh technologies like ChatGPT are opening up new opportunities. It’s not easy to adjust your strategy amidst so much change.

But the fact is, a summit is an amazing place to learn and experiment so you can transfer the results back into your next marketing effort.

If you’d like to find out more about this unique offer, contact me.


P.S. Check your sponsorship proposal to see the latest pricing.