Jim McCullen leads a global IT team responsible for the development of supply chain systems for some of the worlds largest retailers, manufactures and distributors. Jim considers himself a productivity hacker, always looking for ways to reduce the effort it takes to stay organized and get more things done. Jim is an avid GTDer, he designed a system called Control Your Day that allows Microsoft Outlook users to apply GTD practices to manage their email, task lists and delegated work all from one virtual search folder in Outlook. His book and video course “Control Your Day” is highly ranked on Amazon and Udemy.

In this webinar, “Control Your Day – Smart Strategies for Success, Jim will introduce you to Control Your Day and talk about some of the other tools and best practices he uses to stay focused on his vision and achieve a 10/10 day as often as possible. Jim will talk about Control Your Day, using Microsoft OneNote as a reference library and a new book and methodology he recently discovered called “The Game Changer Formula”.

You can learn more about Jim and Control Your Day at https://www.controlyourday.net or follow Jim at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimmccullen.

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