Hi, I’m Francis Wade and I am the host of the Time Blocking Summit.

I first started teaching the technique back in 2000, when it didn’t really have a name. As an Operations Researcher/Industrial Engineer, it just made sense to me that if a task takes time, those people who were very busy would need to account for the 168 hours they had each week.

As an alumnus of Cornell,  a former employee at AT&T Bell Laboratories and a lecturer in statistical methods at the graduate level, I am a firm believe in high-quality, (usually academic) research. That’s the reason I started 2Time Labs and ScheduleU.org, and wrote Perfect Time-Based Productivity, which reached the top 10 in its category on Amazon and has been translated into three languages.

My hope is that the summit will reach and help ambitious, driven people who turn to time blocking as an aid to help them achieve outstanding results. Not that they aren’t already effective. My research shows that if you are time blocking, it’s because you are managing a lot of important tasks, and must find a way to balance your commitments.

Most of the stuff written about time blocking is what I call 101 material – intended for an audience who has never tried the technique. This summit is for those who already know that it exists, and have tried or used it to different degrees…all the way from initially time blocking one or two tasks at one extreme, to using an auto-scheduler at the other.

The Time Blocking Summit has something for folks at every level as you’ll hear from the 25 experts who are involved, plus the companies which are sharing their products.

Enjoy the experience of meeting them, and also engaging with your peers. Together, this is a very special group that has come together for the first time ever! Make the most of this opportunity.