Emily is a university level educator with a background in Digital Marketing. Originally making and then teaching people how to make websites this developed in a teaching and managing a Diploma in Digital Marketing. She now develops new courses to meet the increasing demand of the changing student. The student who wants to learn online and change their career. Currently writing her thesis in Digital education focusing on Student Engagement and Retention.

A mum, business owner, full time employee and student she knows how to Manage the Juggle. Podcasting weekly on her weekly Managing the Juggle productivity Podcast covering topics such as productivity, time management, wellness, organisation and small business. With regular interviews from experts in this area.

Emily will be presenting on the topic of “How to support a post pandemic University student with task management skills”. Since covid hit all students were under pressure to study in a different way; online and fromhome. Post pandemic, this style of learning has remained for university level students and looks to be the long term case. During this time we have seen an increase in enrolments from non-traditional students, who are mature in age and have other life commitments.

What support can universities provide for task management, time blocking and organisationto help these students succeed.