As a prospective speaker at the summit, there are a few things you should know about the way it’s set up that can help you design your presentation.


The event is intended to bring about a transformation in the way summiteers relate to their calendars and their time. They should go from being stuck and maybe even annoyed to seeing both calendar and time as powerful partners in their quest to accomplish their goals in life. Also, they have been operating on their own until now without the help or assistance of other time blockers. This state of being a Lone Ranger shifts as they go to being a part of a team or community or motivated, high performers who use this technique for maximum productivity.


Behind the scenes, we are designing the entire summit as a journey. At the start, summiteers enter the event already using time blocking but frustrated because they are facing challenges. By the end, they have found solid answers and have created a written plan of attack they believe in. To help them traverse this path, we are providing aids along the way, including a manual they receive before the event. After the event they are given options to pursue that clearly fit into their journey.


Their journey translates into the outline of sessions/speaking events shown below.

Sessions are split into two types: Core and Elective. Core sessions are suggested for all participants as they provide the aids needed for the journey. Electives are divided into four areas:

  • Scheduling Practices
  • Aids/Tools/Apps
  • Flow/Deep Work
  • Tracking/Measurements/Gamification.

(You can find specific recommendations for each topic here.)

As a prospective speaker, you are free to “bid” or apply to speak for either Core or Elective Sessions. Almost all sessions will be pre-taped video presentations, preferably done in webinar style.


This is an audience which is already engaged in time blocking, so your presentation should NOT be entry level. In particular, it shouldn’t be aimed at motivating the newbie to try time blocking for the first time. Our assumption is that the average person has been using the technique for some time and is here to learn how to move out of beginner’s mode.

Other Opportunities

If you decide that speaking at the summit next year is not an opportunity you want to pursue, there are other possible potential avenues to pursue.

One is to attend in a private capacity to see what you can learn.

But if you are someone who is growing an audience in time blocking, consider joining our list of Content Creators. They intend to augment their knowledge and content in this niche so that they can add further value to their audiences.

To meet their needs, we are offering a special session for this group at the summit. They can also participate by promoting the summit to their followers, in an affiliate capacity if wanted. That way they can earn extra income from their fans who upgrade to the All Access Pass.

Finally, once the summit is over, they will be invited to join the Mighty-Taskers Community where they will continue to interact with other summiteers indefinitely


Know your topic? Apply to speak here.