In this session, Dave Buck will explore those attributes of negative influence and their relationship to time management. He will highlight what people unsuccessfully try to do to get back their concentration. Dave will then provide alternative methods that proactively identify and address the internal focus challenges before they become a reactive problem to work out.

For those take the time to watch (pun intended), there are additional free resources available to enhance your internal focus.

Dave Buck is the owner and Chief Time Strategist for Kairos Management Solutions (KMS). Kairos is one of the Greek words for time that emphasizes the qualitative or quality aspects in the use of our time.

Dave’s mission is to help busy business professionals and leaders time optimize their time management. He does that through his Infinity Lifestyle Design program that creates a custom time management approach for today and prepares a strategy of time flexibility for those looking for better work-life balance, semi-retirement, or a post career life of ease and joy.

Dave Buck has more than 30 years of sales, business development, leadership, and time management experience. Dave’s customer service mindset, trusted client partnerships, and entrepreneurial attitude comes from his involvement working with major CPG industry leaders and pioneering small businesses.

Before KMS, Dave’s career included senior leadership positions where he reported directly to ownership and created as well as executed detailed business plans and strategies, designed to deliver profitable results and fulfill company missions.

In addition, Dave serves of the Board of Directors for Diakonos Solutions, a non-profit organization serving women in ministry leadership.

A father of two adult aged sons and wife to the Reverend Doctor Susan Rose, Dave carves out the necessary time to enjoy the personal side of life to go along with a rich and rewarding business life.

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