Danielle is known as the Personal Performance Specialist because after struggling with her own performance in an unsupportive and inconsistent environment she launched an Efficiency and Implementation Consulting Business, in order to provide a place for others to elevate their performance by creating repeatable habits and implementing tactical plans.
Recently, Danielle has recorded 83 different tip videos as well as revamped and relaunched three game changing programs, with a fourth on its way.

Now what she is up to is promoting the programs that can help you elevate your performance, especially if you have ever said, “I wish I was more consistent,” “If I only had X number of hours, I could finish this project,” or “I need to get control of my email!”

For the 2023 Task Management and Time Blocking Summit, Danielle’s presentation titled “Do You Want More Time in the Day? Buy Back Time Through Math, Focused Work and Modified Productivity Techniques,” will do just what it says. This presentation will teach you how to buy back your time by understanding how much {$$} your behavior could be costing {-$$} you as well as provide useful and applicable ways to increase your productivity. You will leave this presentation with tips and tricks that can be immediately applied in your everyday life.

One of the keys to Danielle’s success is a fierce commitment to people and results.

Danielle grew up in a household that expected high performance. Her older brother was a genius and she was NOT. Danielle had to work harder, study longer, create repeatable habits, and devise plans to reach her goals.
What was in the way became the way. Danielle’s mission is to inspire others to reach their goals and create their ideal future.

The thing Danielle loves the most about her work is when the eyes of the person she is working with get wide and they say “I did it” after reaching that first goal. It is in that moment they know they can do more, be more, and have more, like they always wanted.
When she is not working Danielle loves learning. She loves absorbing knowledge and collecting little known facts.

Danielle holds a Master’s Degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, a graduate certificate in Human Resource Diversity and Development from the same university, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

The best way to reach Danielle is to join her! Go to learn.daniellebaily.com and enjoy a 20% discount on the Consistency Boot Camp and the Focused Work Weekend OR BOTH!

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