Clare Evans is a Time Management and Productivity Coach, speaker and writer. She is the Author of Time Management For Dummies; Time Management and Productivity for Students and Working Through Cancer.

She provides a practical, solution based approach from the detail of email and to-do list overwhelm to the bigger picture business, personal and life goals.

Prioritise the important over the urgent, reduce stress, manage overwhelm and create a calmer, more productive business and personal life.

She works with individuals, groups and teams, virtually or face-to-face via coaching, seminars and workshops for businesses and organisations.

Her clients range from business owners, managers and directors in a range of industries in the public and private sector, to busy professionals and individuals looking to improve their productivity.

She’s the go-to-expert for quotes, articles and advice on time management, productivity, and her content is frequently published in newspapers, magazines, online and in print. Get in touch and connect with Clare through her website